Tuesday, April 17

The Fancy - Online Retail Made Social

Straight from the source, “Fancy is part store, blog, magazine and wish list”, from the outside prospective, it’s another to add to the list of Pinterest ‘Pin’-mposters. But don’t write it off too quickly, there is more behind this new social platform than just a copycat.
The Fancy is a Pinterest-style website which displays photos of items each individual user may like; in categories such as fashion, travel/accommodation, décor, gadgets… you get the idea. When you sign up the website initially asks you to choose some basic interests and it goes from there. There are a few major differences between The Fancy and Pinterest but above all the idea behind The Fancy is that you are creating a list of things you’d like to buy, rather than a collection of things you wish would define you (or is that just my take on Pinterest?). Once you click on a featured photo you are given options, and I don’t just mean how to categorize it. You can ‘buy it’, get ‘more info’, ‘sell it’, ‘show someone’, among a other options.
If it hasn’t come to your attention already then we’ll enlighten you with the hard facts. The Pinterest audience is 80% women. We welcome man-friendly social media in this agency; therefore, the buy power and variety of the actual items featured on The Fancy are much more our style. Personally, I very much appreciated the myriad of choices I get when I’m looking for a way to use up my extra bit of pumpkin (or insert left over ingredient here), but my males counterparts? Maybe not so interested.
The Fancy has something for everyone, stereotypes and preferences aside so we suggest you check it out and add one more social media platform to your daily list of time-wasters.
And just in case you’re not convinced The Fancy is an $18 million dollar start-up with investors such as Aston Kutcher, P Diddy, Kayne West and MTV Exec’s. Head to TheFancy.com to see what all the hype is about.

Tuesday, April 3

Wunderman welcomes a new Account Manager

It is with absolute pleasure that we announce a new face - Julia Herbert.

Growing up in Chatswood, NSW, Julia joins us as Account Manager with a digital focus. Having previous worked as an account director working on a mix of clients and projects, Julia will be working closely with team members and clients at Wunderman.

Julia is a self-confessed Facebook dependant with an arty side. She uses her spare time to paint and draw… maybe the Wunderpeeps might be able to convince her to paint something for the office!

Welcome to the team Julia!

Friday, March 30

A Wunderman Melbourne update

We know it’s only March but Wunderman Melbourne has had a busy year! It’s all started with the launch of the Colonial Buy Smart iPad app which was a 2 week retail blitz campaign (picture below) that prompted 8,000 new members added to the database as well as a sales total of $1,438,718!

We also had the launch of the brand new Killawarra website and Facebook page which is being promoted with the amazing Killawara K Klub giveaway. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous of the winners of this VIP experience. Limo service and free Killawara? What a great night out!
For this event Killawara is pairing up with She Can DJ and giving away a personally signed She Can DJ presents Minx CD, plus K Klub shows featuring She Can DJ artists at top nightclubs around Australia.
A work in progress, the Melbourne office has created a brand-new experience for potential new car owners. The Ford Falcon, a powerful sedan, is set to suit even the most dedicated Ute drivers. Wunderman Melbourne has created a website component called an 'experience tab' which allows visitors to explore each and every way the car can possibly be built. Coming soon are videos which will demonstrate how each component of the car functions so that possible buyers can choose the best features for their needs.

Sticking with the current theme, the Ford website has introduced these ‘experience’ tabs all over the website. The all-new Ford Kuga is a dynamic, high-quality vehicle that calls out to adventurous drivers. Videos are on display throughout the website to ensure that each user gets a full-on experience and can see all of the angles that this SUV has to offer. Check out the Wunderman team’s handy work.

5 horses, 1 fine lady, and a pair of damn sexy boots

Check out the latest work from our Melbourne office for equestrian apparel brand Weatherbeeta to launch their new fashion product, Dublin boots.
Australia's best horse trainers spent weeks making star performers out of these six magnificent creatures. And only one of them was human. Produced by AMVI, this viral film is already causing a stir amongst riders for the horses, women for the boots, and men for who's wearing them.

Thursday, March 29

Monster challenge for Digital Production team

Once a month there is Digital Production team meet for a team building activity. This month the team were given the monstrous challenge of building pipe cleaner monsters.

As you can see from the pictures in this post, each and every one of the team expresses themselves in a very unique way, and in any contest, there can be only one winner and this month’s winner.

Voted by an independent 3rd party, Nicole Green won with her monster “Snooki” (below). Snooki the hideous monster was not available for an interview.

No monsters were hurt in the making of this blog post and all monsters were promptly freed into the wilderness of the Sydney streets.
For more information feel free to contact us via our Twitter or Facebook page.

Friday, March 23

Wunderful start for new recruits

This week Wunderman are proud to announce an additional two new members of staff to the Wunderteam!
Firstly let’s give a warm welcome to Arthur Lin.
Arthur has a Masters in Master of Engineering Science from the Melbourne University and can speak fluent Mandarin.
He will be joining the Wunderman team as a CRM analyst in both our Sydney and Melbourne office.

Next we’ve got Emily Burns who joins us from Wunderman in the UK as an account manager. With previous experience with Global Nokia team, she will be an excellent addition to the Nokia team in Sydney.

As a graduate from Bath University, it is her first time in Australia and she looks forward to exploring everything that Australia has to offer.
Out with the old

Unfortunately this post isn’t dedicated to new members of the Wunderman team.

We sadly announce that our own Hakan Gogebakan will be leaving Wunderman Sydney after 3 years working on the Nokia account. A crucial part of the team, he supported account setup, operationalisation of the business and major campaign management. Hakan recounted one particular favourable moment:
“My wife and I welcomed our baby boy into the world on April 20th 2010, we received a sweet package from the team at Wunderman. Package was generous and warm hearted. We appreciated the kind gesture – most importantly the ‘thought counted’!”He’s now leaving us for DGM Australia, but he fondly remembers his time at Wunderman.
We will miss you Hakan!

Tuesday, February 28

Students given an excuse to use fake tan

Who would have thought that using fake tan could get you a whole host of prizes?

In conjunction with MTV, Microsoft is running a Back to University competition called the ‘Lighten Up Challenge’.

Students enter the competition as a team to compete in various fun activities such as a Jersey Shore tanning competition where they have one minute to tan their team mate along with a hot tub foam fumble and other activities.

Prizes include an exceptional ‘Back to Uni’ pack which includes an Acer S3 Ultrabook with Windows, Nokia Lumia, tickets to Creamfields and much more!

This challenge is open to students aged 18-25 that are about to or currently attend Sydney and Melbourne university.

Students can access the registration form by clicking on this link.

Friday, February 17

Amazing Everyday, Every Day.

Nokia's Windows Phone 'Lumia' is coming soon. To celebrate it's arrival on 1 March 2012, we are hosting a month of the amazing everyday, every single day. All captured on the amazing Lumia.

To get a taste, watch the teaser. Then stay tuned on amazingeveryday.com.au from March 1st to see a little piece of the amazing everyday, every day.

Tuesday, February 14

Wunderman Valentine’s BBQ

It started as if it was any other day. Coffee was consumed, meetings were managed and emails were exchanged. Yet the staff members of Wunderman had no idea what was in store for them...
Lunch beckoned and our Wundermen and Wunderwomen leapt from their desks to find a beautiful Valentine’s Day BBQ.
From succulent barbeque chicken to thirst-quenching melon (and even a drop of rosé), the Wunderful Serena Wong, Hakan Gogebakan, Tamie Wong, Judit Sandor, Elaine Loke, Emily Murison and Heidi Robinson tirelessly slaved to reward the hardworking staff at Wunderman.
Readers will be pleased to know that very single member of the Wunderman BBQ team were all held responsible by senior management for the resulting rotund bellies and placid smiles.
...So here’s a loving thank you to the team and we all plead for the same performance again next year!

Tuesday, February 7

Facebook Timeline for brand pages

Facebook have now announced that it will be rolling out ‘Facebook Timeline’ for all users.
Loyal fans will see then change on the 29th of February but luckily for the social networking obsessed at Wunderman, many of us have toyed around with it for quite some time now.
Users will be getting a 7-day grace period in which they can delete and hide all the content that they do not what to show. Once users have completed the changeover to Facebook timeline they will not be able to change back.
Wait a second, what exactly is a Facebook Timeline?
Facebook will be changing your wall, and instead of the standard one column on their ‘Wall’, users with the new Facebook Timeline will be presented with two columns. All previous information will also be sorted into chronological order allowing ‘Friends’ to visit any previously recorded events in their Facebook life.
Of course all events displayed on each user’s Facebook Timeline is completely controllable and users can even add or delete any previous event in their life.
Events are organised into five different categories – Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health & Wellbeing, Travel & Experiences. Each of these is then subcategorised. If that’s not enough, users can customise their life event.
How will brand pages be affected?
Wunderman’s own Facebook insider has disclosed that ‘Facebook Timeline’ will be arriving for brand pages very soon but what exactly are the implications of this change?
At this time it is difficult to say with certainty what will happen but there are some pretty big clues:
  • Visit the past in a single click – as mentioned above, Facebook Timeline allows users to go to any point in the page’s history. This means that users will have the ability to see any of their previous campaigns, posts and interactions on Facebook. Businesses may want to think about reviewing their Facebook interaction history, no matter how long that may be.
  • · Life events – If the change also allows brand pages to add exact dates events, businesses may want to think about fully detailing their major events since they were first founded. Smaller businesses may even want to show when their employees joined – if employees agree that is.
  • · Apps – One of the wonderful things about Facebook Timeline is that many apps show a ‘Recent Activity’ section. This is great for brands to showcase their activities on other social networks such as Pinterest.

Wednesday, February 1

Pin your interest on Pinterest

There are lots of social networks that come and go without the average Joe even batting an eyelid, but there is one in the vast digital frontier that is bound to pin down your interest.
Taken out of beta (testing) only 10 months ago, Pinterest has grown from strength to strength (Unique visitors increased by 429 percent in two months!). It is described as a ‘vision board-styled photo sharing website where users can create and manage theme-based image collections’.
Now we’ve all heard of an image sharing social networks before such as Flickr but Pinterest has segregated itself from the rest.
For starters Pinterest requires you to register your interest before you’re allowed to join, and all you have to do is to look at the initial interest generated by Google+ to see that Pinterest has the right formula.
After registering you are bound to feel slightly overwhelmed. You’re immediately presented with an abundance of images with 33 categories to choose from, and as the same as Twitter, the terminology seems alien.
Then again, that’s what is just so good about Pinterest. There are such a variety of images that it’s impossible to get bored and in a similar fashion to Retweeting, Pinterest gives users the option to ‘Repin’ onto their own custom boards.
Of course depending on how interesting your choice of photos in your board and the regularity of updates, people that are also interested can follow your board.
Wait a minute that’s only the picture section. Pinterest also allows people to ‘Repin’ Videos and Gifts.
Gifts are a simple concept where ‘Pins’ are given a price taken from the description. This is simply another form of a wishlist where people can directly link to the items that they desire.
Some big brands such as Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens and the Travel Channel have already started creating a powerful presence that lets users repost or ‘Repin’ to their followers. With links to individual products and clear online branding, Pinterest is certainly one to watch.
Do you use Pinterest? What are your thoughts so far?

Thursday, January 5

Sydney Harbour Light Show

Forget about that little fireworks display that pops off over Sydney Harbour every new year's eve. Here's a far better light show using two office towers that overlook the main ferry port at Sydney Harbour.

Some have wondered how the cleaners ran up and down the stairwells to flick all the switches on and off. Others have just wondered.

Friday, August 12

Office Fooz

The crew at Wunderman Sydney take their foosball seriously. Very seriously.

So when they could no longer perform even the most basic trick-shots on their table because it had become so dilapidated from overuse that it was being held together by sticky tape and string, frustrations with the shitty old table boiled over and the crew needed to settle the score.

We yelled for Cadel

Tour de France winner Cadel Evans flew into Melbourne for a mere 72 hours this week to celebrate his incredible win on his home turf.

Highlight of the visit was the closing of the city's busiest boulevard to allow Cadel to cycle to Federation Square where a massive crowd had gathered to celebrate his win with him.

Suffice to say a handful of Wunderkids sneaked away from their desks to join the throng!

Thursday, July 28

Serious meeting

Ten people gathered attentively around the whiteboard for the most important meeting we've ever seen in Wunderman. Jeremy Wilson was taking the basketball team, the Wunderhoops, through some play tactics. Jeremy's a strategist, of course.

The Wunderhoops play against other corporate teams – bankers and such. No-one really knows actually. They just turn up, talk some smack, shoot some hoops, push each other around, get sweaty, and hopefully win.

Cheer 'em on.

Saturday, July 23

Winter Wunderland

The Melbourne Wunderkids joined their colleagues from the Y&R Brands Group for the annual 162 Collins Mid-Year Party this week.

The theme was Snow and our creative department had everybody talking when they made their entrance in their superb snowman outfits.

As you can imagine a seriously fun time was had by all. Stay tuned as we may add more photos soon.

Saturday, July 16

Recycled agency lunch

After a particularly hectic week in the Melbourne office many of the Wunderkids took time out for a very special agency lunch at Hare & Grace.

What made it so special? Well apart from seriously good wagyu burgers and fabulous Fat Yak on tap, the eatery was designed by Joost.

Never heard of Joost? Shame on you!

Joost Bakker is a true original in the world of design. He works in and with recycled and re-used materials. He's big on plants and greenery too. Click here to find out more.

Note the homemade tomato sauce. Yummo!

Saturday, June 18

The Little Nation That Could?

The Direct Lions jury is completely gob-smacked at the small European nation of Liechtenstein. Not a single entry has been relegated to the ‘no’ pile.

Could they be the new Brazil or Belgium?

Only the second and third round of judging will tell.

Each year, the Cannes Lions reveals one or two nations that manage to out-stage all others with their creative genius. Is this Liechtenstein’s year?

This landlocked country in central Europe, bordered by Switzerland and Austria, has managed to prove to the Direct Lions jury that they can do no wrong. The jury members, representing these neighboring nations as well as USA, UK, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Canada, Argentina and South Africa are all entirely taken aback by the small European nation’s effort at the Cannes Lions.

It is not known which agencies within this country have unified to show the world stage their tenacity, creativity and originality, but the results shall prove very interesting and surprising indeed at the Direct Lions Award ceremony on Monday 20 June in Cannes.

Matt Batten
Creative Director, Wunderman
Direct Lions Jury

Tuesday, June 7

Happy Days

When Wunderman Sydney pitched for Coca-Cola earlier this year, the client provided all the pitch details on a funky little branded USB. One member of the Wunderman team was so enraptured with it, he contemplated pinching it after the pitch was over. But no need, the pitch was won and a bunch of USBs have just been provided to the agency. Awesome.

This is a great example of a client spending a little extra to make their premiums truly premium. When it comes to good branding, you simply can't skimp.

Too cute!

Always ready to lend a hand whenever people are in need, Melbourne producer Lisa O'Brien was at the front of the queue for the animal charity fundraiser Bark in The Park this weekend. Too cute!

Wednesday, June 1

A Warm Reception

Our Sydney office has finally completed the reception area fit-out following the move to new premises earlier in the year. A swanky custom-built reception desk has been installed, complete with logo cut-out illuminated from inside in brand purple (that apparently changes to red for Christmas and green for St Patrick's day). All our national clients have been neatly displayed in purple frames in a French hang, and the big W proudly welcomes all visitors. Sweet.

Tuesday, May 31

For Crying Out Loud

Wunderman is a longtime supporter of the industry as a whole. In Sydney, we've just launched a campaign for Creative School and Suit School, run by the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) under the combined banner of Agency School.

Sydney creative duo Amanda Glover and Ben Peppernell used the simple insight that without the course, the people that run ad agencies find it tough to discover and hire fresh, new talent. The campaign uses some of the top figures running ad agencies in Australia as you've never seen them before.

The team pulled in award-winning photographer Steve Greenaway from Pomegranate to shoot the campaign, and he enlisted the help of Limehouse for post-production work to take the images to the next level.

The campaign kicked off with a launch exhibition to finally reveal the closely-guarded images to the industry and get adlanders excited and engaged. The exhibition included an experiential element with a live photo-shoot so attendees could get their own crying image. These images were emailed straight to them so they could update their profile pics across social media platforms to help spread the buzz.

For some added fun, a Crying Hotline has been set up on 02 9766 1799 for callers to send messages of support or unleash their own wailing pleas.

The campaign will roll out over the next few weeks with flyers and posters distributed to universities, and eDMs sent to uni students and lecturers (courtesy of the kind support from our friends at Student Marketing Australia).

The campaign includes (clockwise from top left) our Sydney Creative Director, Matt Batten; Dave Whittle, Managing Director of M&C Saatchi and CEO of Mark; Liz Fulcher, Managing Director of Clemenger Proximity; and Simon Bloomfield and Brenton Bleechmore, Creatives at Ogilvy.

Also featured in the campaign were Rob Morrison, Dylan Taylor, Paul Clarke, Neil Harris, Josh Grace, and Julie Dormand.

You can see all their shots (and enrol for Creative School or Suit School) at www.agencyschool.adma.com.au

This year, Wunderman will also offer a paid internship to one graduate of Creative School and one graduate of Suit School.

Thursday, May 26

A huge morning tea

Our Melbourne office took part in Australia's Biggest Morning Tea this morning. This fantastic charitable event raises much needed funds to help people with cancer.

What made this morning's tea so special was that many of the Wundercrew baked up a storm the night before to provide us with lots of yummy treats. And we do mean lots.

Just seconds after the photo was taken a large plate of bacon sandwiches and a tray of bruschetta arrived. Best of all the little teapot was chock full of cash that we raised for the Cancer Council.

Thursday, May 19

Big shoes filled

We recently had a young fella do work experience in our Melbourne office. Matt Devine is his name and he made such an impression on us we've asked him to join our team.

At the moment we're trying to dream up a nickname for him, because he is seriously tall. So tall in fact he has to duck his head whenever he goes into the kitchen!

With all that height comes a problem we never dreamt of - buying shoes. In fact, as the article above shows, Matt has had so much trouble finding footwear Adidas had to step in and help him.

Click the pic to enlarge, then read full story.

Tuesday, May 17

Shanghai Surprise

One of our favourite Wunderkids left us on Friday. Well kinda. Jon Paul has taken up the opportunity to be Digital Creative Director for the Asia Pacific Ford business, based at Wunderman in Shanghai.

JPJ as he is fondly known started his Wunderman career at our office in Sydney, and eventually ended up several years later in our Melbourne office.

Seen here modelling the seriously snazzy manbag we got him as part of his going away present, JP will be much missed. Although we'll obviously be chatting to him about Ford work on a very regular basis.

Saturday, May 14

Are you sure it's a car?

Our sister company Burrows in the UK does some incredible 3D work. In fact many of the cars you see in ads and on websites are not cars at all - they're 3D models and animations created by Burrows. They've done some great work, particularly for our client Ford, as this video shows.

Thursday, May 5

Next generation thinking

Stan and Stoddy attended the AG-Ideas Business breakfast yesterday. It's the centrepiece of a week long celebration of design and creativity.

One of the highlights, according to our boys, was a display of ideas created during a workshop session with school kids. These were on display in the auditorium for every one to see and luckily for us Stan snapped a few to share on the blog.

How many of these children go onto a career in creativity remains to be seen, but when looking at these photos try and keep this quote from U. LeGuin in mind:

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

Friday, April 29

A wunderful wedding

Although we have no less than four people called Matt working at Wundermelbs we don't have anyone called William or Kate. Which makes you wonder why the Melbourne office spent Friday afternoon celebrating the wedding of Wills & Kate.

As you can see the wedding celebrations pulled quite a crowd. who wined and dined on a yummy range of Royal Wedding themed treats and snacks.

Leading the celebrations were fresh of the boat Matt Morgan and motherland born and bred Lisa O'Brien, who somehow managed to drag Vegemite lover and staunch republican Jules into their commemorative photo.

Thursday, April 7

Wigs of Wunder

The 162 Collins St building was rocking to the sounds of Poison this morning as the kids from creative rocked the eighties to the max. New copywriter Tash and her deskmate Evan got into the groove as of course did Stoddy and Dan.

Not to be outdone by the enthusiasm of the kids, Jon Paul and Stan also took a moment to revisit their youth.

Saturday, April 2

Day On The Green

April Fools day today but there was no joking when it came to Wunderman Melbourne's Day On The Green.

After a very busy week at work the Wundercrew hopped onto the number 96 tram and headed to the idyllic Middle Park Bowls Club for some serious fun in the late afternoon sun.

Stoddy took his bowls very seriously as did the members of his rather weirdly named team The Shuttlecocks.

A great time was had by all as you can probably imagine. Special thanks to all those involved in organising the event and feeding the hungry bowlers with tasty BBQ treats.

Friday, March 25

Celebrations Galore

Wunderman Sydney celebrated several birthdays (MD Jo Lloyd, Heidi Robinson and Bec Williams) with scrumptious cupcakes.

And Wunderman Australia celebrated a big pitch win with the two offices joining forces in a truly national team. The client can only be called 'they that cannot be named', but they're damn cooler than Voldemort. And a lot more fun. Well done all.

Tuesday, March 22

Wunderman ♥ Christchurch

Our Kiwi art director Matt Stoddart made a pilgrimage to Christchurch a week or so before the calamitous earthquake that totally decimated his home town.

So as you can imagine the Wunderkids were keen to pitch in a few dollars to help the people of Christchurch. Luckily Matt knew of a fantastic charitable cause - NZ♡CHCH.

Seen here modeling their new NZ♡CHCH t-shirts are Mario, Matt and Evan. Quite fetching dont't you think? The shirts that is, not the boys!